My Guiding Principles

Smart Launch to Success, has a tradition of breaking new ground. A clear set of principles and  values that have allowed me to readily adapt to changes ensuring the quality and integrity of my work. Since the founding, this has been my recipe for success.


Smart Launch to Success is guided by these core principles:


  • Independence
    As a consultant, I maintain independence from third parties.
  • Objectivity
     My workshops are open and non-judgemental treating everyone with respect and courtesy. 
  • Competence
     I only provide advice in areas in which I have proven expertise.
  • Confidentiality
     I treat all of the knowledge and information gained during the consulting process with the utmost confidentiality.




Author Lana Barnes... keynote speaker, coach and trainer has been selected from a nationwide search to be featured in "Stepping Stones to Success" a highly successful book series from Tennessee based Insight Publishing.  The book features best selling authors Deepak Chopra (The Power of Purpose), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Dr. Denis Waitley (featured in The Secret).  Lana Barnes, Chopra, Canfield, and Waitley, are joined by other well known authors and speakers, each offering time-tested strategies for success in frank and intimate interviews.

Personality Style!


The Intention of Smart Launch to Success is to assist you and or your company to greater communicational success by using S.  M.  A.  R.  T. methodology:


   S -  Strategic


  M - Manageable


  A - Achieveable


  R -  Realistic


  T - Tried n True





"Helping you fit together the pieces of your personality puzzle."