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Smart Launch to Success clients include franchises and independents alike.  Whether you are a large corporation, a small independent business, a nonprofit organization or a single REALTOR I provide my clients with services suited to their individual wants and needs. 

A few words...

Lana, thank you so much for our "Team At Work" workshop.  This workshop was so valuable for the entire team helping us to communicate and understand each other so much better.  We are all more aware of our own selves as well as the needs of the people around us. 

Your presentation and knowledge of the course provided fun, valuable information in a comfortable atmosphere which gave me the results I was looking for.

My team and I thank you and will certainly plan another one in the near future.

Maggie Tessier

Exit Realty Matrix


"Your professional teaching and training methods put myself and staff at ease throughout the whole process of implementing a perfect transition period.


I was just audited by RECO and passed with flying colours... the inspection went so well the auditor stayed less than 2 hours going over everything.


What a relief and I recommend anyone who has an existing office or opening an office to call on your services to have the office running in the most efficient order." 


 Doreen Low

 Broker of Record/Owner



"This course has helped me to know my own Personality Traits as well as recognize those of my management staff.  I will be able to communicate better with them to get the tasks I need to have accomplished.  I believe this course would be beneficial to everyone in helping them make decisions for their futures."


Rheal Laurin


Your Independant Grocer



"Awesome teaching skills.!  Clear, understandable and great examples - common everyday stuff.  I discovered some things about myself and I hope to understand my wife and sons better.   Look forward to more."


Maurice Campbell

Real Estate Sales Representative

Ottawa, Ontario



"Learned how to deal with people in my life... husband, children, friends and clients.  Now I know how to deal with conflicting personalities!  Phew!!!"



Sarah Bigelow

Real Estate Sales Representative

Exit Realty Premier




"I learnt a lot about how other people take me.  Hopefully have the hindsight to apply it to my life."



Brianna B.



"Great!  Everyone needs this to cut the guesswork about relationships.  Helps you cut to the chase.  I will endeavour to use it every day to empower myself and others."



Norma Jean Laurin

Community Consultant

Your Independent Grocer



"Better understanding of people and what makes them tick."



J. Douglas


Barson Products



"I wish to express my gratitude for your invaluable assistance.


Your coaching and mentoring helped me to overcome my fears and doubts about my Real Estate Exam and future career.  Your ability to simplify and organize the material made it easy for me to understand.


I wrote my Exam with the confidence and knowledge that I was very well prepared and of course I aced it.


I will be counting on your assistance for my next courses.


Thanks again,"


Diane Edwards

Real Estate Student





2009 EXIT Canadian Franchisee Conference


My special thanks to you for your wonderful presentation on the DISC system specific to the topic of leadership.  The DISC system is a foundation teaching principal at EXIT.  The expanded understanding of the DISC concepts, as they relate to leadership, broadened the scope of utilization of the program.  These new perspectives provided the opportunity for franchisees to be more effective in their dealings with their employees and, therefore their business.


We sincerely appreciate the time you spent to prepare this course and the enthusiasm that you brought to it.


Joyce Paron

President - Canada



Author Lana Barnes... keynote speaker, coach and trainer has been selected from a nationwide search to be featured in "Stepping Stones to Success" a highly successful book series from Tennessee based Insight Publishing.  The book features best selling authors Deepak Chopra (The Power of Purpose), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Dr. Denis Waitley (featured in The Secret).  Lana Barnes, Chopra, Canfield, and Waitley, are joined by other well known authors and speakers, each offering time-tested strategies for success in frank and intimate interviews.

Personality Style!


The Intention of Smart Launch to Success is to assist you and or your company to greater communicational success by using S.  M.  A.  R.  T. methodology:


   S -  Strategic


  M - Manageable


  A - Achieveable


  R -  Realistic


  T - Tried n True





"Helping you fit together the pieces of your personality puzzle."